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Youth Action Montreal is a registered not-for-profit organization that seeks to inspire, spark and support youth involvement in meeting some of the great challenges they face through the means of annual conferences and special events. 

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Youth Action Montreal was founded in 2006 by two Concordia University students, Peter Schiefke and Mohamed Shuriye. It is the largest organization of its kind specifically targeting college and university students thereby representing over 250,000 university and college students attending eleven different post secondary institutions in Montreal, Canada.

Established: 2006

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We strongly believe that this goal can be best achieved by promoting a “local action, global results” approach. In doing so, Youth Action Montreal promotes five key areas of community development that we encourage students to become actively engaged in; sustainable development, health, environment, education, and poverty.

Statement of Principles

Thousands of students are brought together annually at the conferences and special events that showcase inspiring leaders and student-led initiatives that are making a positive contribution in their local and international communities.


These conferences touch on a variety of themes and culminate in strong calls to action. They also seek to provide information necessary to be successful in their endeavours. They are a catalyst for change and have led to the creation and support of numerous successful student led initiatives across Canada since 2007.

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