L’Ado Zone

Summary of organization/program

This is a lively meeting place where young people aged 12 to 17 , in contact with significant adults, to become critical citizens, active, independent and responsible.

Contact information


 1850 Grand Trunk, Montreal, QC

 Telephone: 514-937-9655

Geographic region

local (Pointe-St-Charles)


youth aged 12-17 years old

History/Background Information

The youth of Pointe St-Charles was founded in 1984 as a result of efforts of citizens and community workers in the neighborhood who were able to identify the unmet needs of adolescents. Indeed, there was almost no extracurricular activities that were directed specifically at adolescents. People in the community then realized the urgent need for these kids to have a place of belonging where they have rights and responsibilities.

  • Established: 1984

Dominant Media Forms

video production


music production


To create respect, autonomy, teamwork, trust, reconciliation, experimentation, openness, participation, critical thinking.

Statement of Principles

Be a group of significant adults and youth for which members will develop a sense of belonging. Provide a gathering place in a welcoming, safe and non-judging. Organize activities and help young people to do the same, in order to help establish the foundation for a trusting relationship, reference and help enhance the vitality of youth. Encourage young people to play an active role in their community.


Youth centers were created to meet a critical need in the adolescent population: having a place of belonging which young people can identify. However, since young age and their needs change, the only way to have a resource that is constantly adapted them to give them the tools to reflect their identities and realities. That is why the youth centers are not only open to the involvement of its members, but they could not function without them. Examples of the place reserved for youth in the control of various levels of the organization.

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