CUTV (Concordia University Television)

Summary of organization/program

Concordia University Television is a subsidiary of the Concordia Student Broadcasting Society and is funded by student fee levies collected each term.

Concordia University Television (CUTV) is a member owned and operated subsidiary of the non-profit corporation Concordia Student Broadcasting Society (CSBS) and whose primary purpose is to operate a TV station and video production facilities. CUTV distributes in-house, collaborative and external independent content through its closed-circuit TV network, DVD releases, internet-based distribution networks and public access TV channels. CUTV is a Campus/Community TV and video production studio that provides an essential service to those in the Concordia and Montreal communities whose needs are not met by mainstream commercial TV stations and video production facilities. CUTV also serves as a viable community resource by providing the space, equipment and know-how of video production to student and community populations that are interested in producing content that accurately represents them and their interests.

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 2110 Mackay, room 403, Concordia University Television, 1455 De Maisonneuve O. Suite V-403, Montreal, Quebec, H3G 1M8

 Tel: 514.848.2424 x7403; Fax: 514.848.7450 attention items: CUTV

Station Manager (Laura Kneale)
Program Director (Laith Marouf)
Outreach & Funding: (Sundas Abdul Hadi)

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There are three types of memberships at CUTV:

  • Concordia Undergraduate (free, 10 hrs/yr volunteering)
  • Concordia Graduate ($20/yr)
  • Community Member ($20/yr)

Members are entitled to take part in CUTV’s production workshops. Active Members, who have contributed 5 hours of office and 5 hours production or more of volunteer time, are able to start their own productions and access CUTV’s equipment.

History/Background Information

  • Established: 1968
  • Umbrella Organization: Concordia Student Broadcasting Corporation

Founded in 1969, Concordia University Television is Canada’s oldest student-run television station. For 38 years your campus and community television station has been dedicated to making visual media accessible to students and community members. The station is essentially a media hub, providing students avenues to create and distribute video-based programming, artistic content and short films. In addition to this website, CUTV broadcasts throughout the Hall building via a network of monitors and occasionally screens content at pubs and community centres in and around the city.
CUTV is currently working closely with local community groups to develop media-literacy programs. In early 2007, it was a partner in the Atwater Library Digital Literacy Project, which taught inner-city youth media skills. That summer was also the inaugural year for CUTV’s Summer Video Bootcamp, which took 9 high-school students and taught them to make movies. CUTV’s community work revolves around media skills, community programming, and organizing free off-campus screenings of locally-produced content in and around the Montreal area.

Dominant Media Forms

video production

music production


  • To provide facilities, equipment and training through which members of Concordia and Montreal communities may gain the knowledge of, and experience with, video and TV production, programming, distribution and management.
  • To provide a “voice for the voiceless” in addressing issues of concern in specific communities and by producing programming by and for those who are not adequately served by the mainstream media.These objectives are realized through the adherence to CUTV’s Statement of Principles and the implementation of the Programming Policies that govern the station.

Statement of Principles

CUTV is a member owned and operated subsidiary of the non-profit corporation Concordia Student Broadcasting Society (CSBS) and whose primary purpose is to operate a TV station and video production facilities. The mandate of CUTV, as a campus/community TV station, is to provide alternative programming to communities at Concordia University and the island of Montreal.

CUTV is a volunteer organization which recognizes the essential contribution of its volunteers. CUTV will support and service those volunteers.

CUTV will not broadcast any material that promotes hatred, discrimination or contempt against an individual or a group or class of individuals on the basis of race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age, mental or physical ability, or sexual orientation. Nor will CUTV engage in any business transactions with any individual or organization whom it believes promotes these views.

CUTV will only air such material within the context of a larger issue, and only when its use is necessary to the viewing public’s understanding of that issue.

CUTV is not a vehicle for promoting political or religious ideologies. Therefore CUTV will not grant airtime to be used for the purpose of promoting such ideologies. This principle applies notwithstanding the provision of airtime to political parties during elections as stipulated in the CRTC Rules and Regulations and or CSU .

CUTV will actively encourage and promote independent artists presenting innovative and creative art.

CUTV will present programming of a nature and in a format not normally presented by commercial or public TV broadcasters and film studios. CUTV will further promote programming emphasizing local and regional content.

CUTV will air material in a comprehensive, balanced, articulate context, while actively promoting viewpoints complementary to those viewed elsewhere.

CUTV pledges to allow all members of Montreal student communities and the community at large equal access to the station and equal opportunity to participate in its programming. CUTV will actively recruit volunteers through a network of local community groups representing people of all races, national or ethnic origins, colours, religions, sexes ,ages, mental or physical abilities and sexual orientations.

CUTV will publicize all personnel openings through a network of local community groups representing people of all races, national or ethnic origins, colours, religions, sexes, ages, mental or physical abilities and sexual orientations in hiring any position.

CUTV will not discriminate against any group or individual based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex. age, mental or physical ability or sexual orientation in hiring for any position.

CUTV is a TV station and video production studio, staffed primarily by volunteers. CUTV welcomes the contributions of media professionals as resources and reserves the right to restrict their activities in their area of expertise.

CUTV will provide training for all staff members and volunteers to perform a function at the TV station. Furthermore, CUTV shall endeavor to expose those staff members and volunteers to all facets of CUTV.

CUTV reserves the right to refuse or revoke membership to any staff member or volunteer who behaves in a manner contrary to the spirit of the Statement of Principles.


  • media production workshops open to Concordia University students, community members, etc. 
  • workshops, community television, cultural events, informative events, lectures, social justice initiatives, film screenings

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