La maison des Jeunes RDP

Summary of organization/program

A place of general and special meetings which create significant contacts between youth and adults.

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 12550, 48e avenue, Montréal, Québec H1E 2G4

 Telephone : (514) 648-6364 / Fax : (514) 648-1616

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History/Background Information

In 1984, following a public consultation held with young people and adults of the neighborhood as the need to create a place of activity and prevention for adolescents has emerged. With a grant from the Department of Health and Human Services and federal funding, the Youth RDP was born a few months later. It therefore constitutes a corporation and became a nonprofit organization. First located in a spacious room entertainment, youth were forced to move to an apartment next 3 ½ rooms cost too high for the first frost and local grants. There was even the number of hosts to decrease from 3 to only 1. However, some services were maintained and new activities appeared, but the Youth RDP was not out of the woods. After four years serving the locals had to readjust the corporation. There was clearly a lack of space and adequate facilities based on the needs of young people. In June 1988, the youth took his luggage and went to the CLSC, which allowed to meet certain requirements in adolescents but at the same time, limit direct contact with the rest of the customers. Two years of valiant efforts as part of a fundraising campaign, allowed the elevation of a premises located in a geographic area to facilitate the work of youth intervention. Surrounded by high school Jean-Grou, Rene Masson Arena, the Recreation Department of the City of Montreal Rene Masson Park and Aquatic Center, the House can develop its prevention work. In July 1990, the arrival of the youth program in 2000 from the City of Montreal assures the presence of two facilitators and an operating budget, to improve our work and leisure to update a mix of youth projects in an approach “by and for young people. “

  • Established: 1984

Dominant Media Forms

fine arts


  • A place of general and special meetings which create significant contacts between youth and adults.
  • A toolkit that will provide every possible means to adolescents to achieve their goals.
  • A place where young people are listening with credibility and respect, they are empowered in their involvement and participation as they have the opportunity to organize activities of their choice while being supported by the various stakeholders present from which They may also find comfort and support in more difficult situations.
  • A place where the experience is based on respect, sharing, support, collaboration, learning and socialization.
  • A healthy and pleasant place where one is constantly learning, where one discovers talents.

Statement of Principles

Our philosophy is focused on accountability, action “by and for” young people. 


It is mainly a public place for young people, a crossroad, a pooling environment that does not belong to a gang but many diverse groups that are trying to coexist and exchange between them. It is also a place where you can express what we feel, what we aspire and make responsible decisions while having fun fully.

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