CFAD Youth Photo Project

Summary of organization/program

The CFAD photo project (PACE Project).

Family Continuity for Female Inmates and Ex-inmates (CFAD) is a non-profit organization working toward maintaining the bond between mothers and their children, and has been in existence since 1985.

  • Established: 1985

Contact information


 5128 Notre-Dame Ouest, Montréal Québec H4C 1T3

 Telephone: 514 989 9891; Fax: 514 989 5906; Toll free: 1 877 229 9891


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women of all ages who have lived conflicts with the law with the goal of bettering the conditions of their lives

History/Background Information

Established: 1985

Dominant Media Forms



The CFAD photo project aims to nurture creative expression and self-representation among children and youth of parents living below the poverty line and with lived conflicts with law.

Statement of Principles

The goal of the photo project is to give voice to our experiences, our everyday lives, our neighbourhood, and the many communities which we’re a part of.


Through the project, and the exhibition, we hope to build the space for creative dialogue, and in the process create stronger communities of support, solidarity, and youth empowerment; to build strength in our informal networks of families, chosen families, friends, partners and children.

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