Centre de Loisirs Monseigneur Pigeon

Summary of organization/program

Through leisure, sports, cultural, outdoor and proposed EU promote education, prevention and social integration. 

Contact information


 5550, Angers Street, Montreal, Quebec, H4E 4A5

 Phone: 514.769.2741; Fax: 514.769.5963

Geographic region

local (Côte St-Paul and Ville Emard community)


Youth aged 13-17 years old

History/Background Information

Under the auspices of the parish of St. Paul a committee was created in 1958.The committee’s mandate was to find the necessary funds to build a recreation center for the people of Cote St. Paul neighborhood. In autumn 1959, specifically October 24, took place the official opening of the Leisure Centre Monseigneur Pigeon. Funding for a project of this magnitude was achieved through a public subscription campaign. Charitable donations, quests to Sunday masses, private donations and the participation of the Fabrique St-Paul. Role of the Community Center at that time the Centre was developed as part of recreation in the parish of St. Paul in Montreal, the interest public, private institutions or policies to the issue of recreation provide healthy recreation for children, adolescents and adults by the creation of a parish recreation provide entertainment through the establishment of a Recreational and Cultural Centre or the establishment of camps or playgrounds; promote religious education, moral, social, national, athletic and sports of the people of the parish of St. Paul.Recreational organizations and volunteers working in the St-Paul, joined at the Leisure Centre Monseigneur Pigeon.  It was possible to find a ski club (racing pigeons), fashion show, entertainment, coffee house, rollerskate, sports, team folklore, professional dance, choir, cooking, sewing, travel club and compete at the bowling alley. Day camps were offered during the summer to disadvantaged families in the area, without any charge to you. It was very important to have a quality coaching to customers to avoid child unfortunate accidents. In addition, the leaders of the Centre were to listen to the people in order to meet the possible needs of the latter.

  • Established: 1959

Dominant Media Forms


web production


The Leisure Centre Monseigneur Pigeon is a community living environment and recreation areas for citizens Côte St-Paul and Ville Emard in Montreal for over 50 years. Through leisure, sports, cultural, outdoor and proposed EU promote education, prevention and social integration. The family and its individual members are supported in their development and support for early childhood to middle age. The Pigeon Bishop Recreation Center is responsible for eight years of service delivery and management leisure activities at the Centre NDPS

Statement of Principles

The Youth 2000 is designed for adolescents 13 to 17. It was put forward there are over ten years by the Department of Sport, Recreation and Social Development of the City of Montreal.

The program aims to support and youth development through recreation on a voluntary basis. It encourages initiative, creativity, organizational skills so that youth have recreational activities designed by and for them.


  • Private or semi-private appointment
  • Dynamic and skilled facilitator
  • You can learn all the basics (keyboard, mouse, hard disk, Windows)
  • Several available software: Excel, Word, Internet, Mozilla, Pidgin, Dreamweaver, Photoshop and many more!

Samples of work

Funding Sources

The center is a member of:

  • Consultation Ville-Émard/Côte St. Paul
  • Quebec Federation of Community Recreation Inc.
  • Montreal Association for the Development of All Small Recreation
  • Coalition for Economic and Social Recovery in South-west of Montreal (RESO)
  • Family and Early Childhood Committee
  • Youth Committee.
  • Operation Committee Galt
  • Communautique
  • The Optimist Club of St. Paul
  • Club Richelieu Cote St. Paul / City Émard

Our activities and events are presented in collaboration with:

  • The management of culture, sports, recreation and social development of the City of Montreal, South-West District. 
  • Prevention Southwest – Tandem.
  • The Shore Club Richelieu St-Paul/Ville-Émard.
  • The Optimist Club of St. Paul
  • Caisse populaire Desjardins Allard St. Paul.
  • Knights of Columbus Council Côte Saint-Paul 3193
  • Ministry of Education of Quebec, the direction of Recreation and Sports
  • Secretariat of the Independent Community Action
  • Canada Summer Jobs
  • Communautique
  • Fondation Yves Phaneuf
  • Art Gallery Béland BM

Our main collaborators:

  • Municipal officials in the Southwest District: Mr. Benoit Dorais, Mayor of the Borough Councillors Ladies and Huguette Roy, Sophie Thiebault, Véronique Fournier and Daniel Bélanger
  • Marguerite Blais, Minister responsible for Seniors MP Saint-Henri/Sainte-Anne
  • Hélène Leblanc MP for LaSalle / Émard
  • Mr. Tyrone Benskin, MP for Jeanne Le Ber
  • CSSS Verdun / Cote St. Paul
  • District police station # 15
  • The school Our Lady of Perpetual Help
  • Credit Union Ville Emard
  • Montreal School Board