Maison des Jeunes Quinka-Buzz

Summary of organization/program

Since its inception in 1981, the Youth Quink-buzz provides a dynamic environment for young people 12-18 years living in the South Central area. Open year round, these young people can find support and guidance in an environment of respect, where we find a team caring and fun, who knows the needs of youth in prevention, active listening, information and entertainment. 

Contact information


 2102, rue Fullum,Montréal (Québec), H2K 3N7

 Telephone: 514-524-3008 / Fax: 514-524-4448

Geographic region



Youth aged 12-18 years old

History/Background Information

  • Established: 1981

Dominant Media Forms

video production

web production



Quink-buzz is a medium to the image of young people who live , a medium for and by young people, but also a place of pleasure-oriented thinking and action. “The youth center is a combination of youth and adults who are given the mission, on a voluntary basis, in their community, to take a lively meeting place where young people 12 to 18, at the touch of significant adults, may become critical citizens, active and responsible. ” (RMJQ, Framework on practices in youth centers, 1997, p.24). 

Statement of Principles

With the enhancement and support of the leadership team, youth are encouraged to put forth the effort and energy necessary to achieve their projects and ideas. Our meeting place of belonging and thus favors the initiative, problem solving, discovery of self and others, independence, openness and self-esteem through group living.Daily life is rewarding and fun for all the people who attend!


Through various activities and projects, young people are encouraged to realize their potential, develop their sense of responsibility and to learning democracy. 

Samples of work

[youtube width=”600″ height=”365″ video_id=”OO5phxxqTqY”]

Funding Sources