Jeunesse Centre Sud

Summary of organization/program

La Table de concertation jeunesse Centre-South of Montreal is a non-profit organization which intends to bring together youth organizations, autonomous community or nonprofit, as well as their institutional staff working in the area.

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 1 710, rue Beaudry, local 3.4, Montréal, (Québec) H2L 3E7

 Tél.: (514)521-0467 / Fax: (514) 521-6923

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youth of all ages

History/Background Information

In 1976, as the South Central Youth Committee (CJCS), which was put into place the first youth group in the South Central area.

Originally more of a place of healing and sharing, the CJCS has developed over the years, thanks to the consultation, a component of equity and collaboration.

  • Established: 1976

Dominant Media Forms

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  • Support the organization of community organizations and institutions that work with young people;
  • Develop cooperation between agencies to promote the complementarity in the intervention and action;
  • Be a hub for collection and dissemination of information on the situation of youth to youth organizations;
  • Take action to maintain and develop youth resources and defend the interests and rights of young people;
  • Take and express political views about the situation youth;
  • Develop and update the analysis of the realities youth;
  • Support its members in carrying out projects for the well-being;
  • Carry out activities to benefit young foster collaboration among its members;
  • Promote the philosophies that put young people at the heart of the projects and activities;
  • Promote the training of stakeholders in these philosophies and sharing their knowledge.

Statement of Principles

It aims to promote the interests, rights and causes of youth and member organizations.


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