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Co-op Collective Vision exists to strengthen social communication. We believe that a central key to a healthy democracy is our media. Most of us are frequently engaged with certain types of media. We listen to music, watch television, rent movies, play video games, and surf the internet. Since you hit this webpage, you are also immersed in social communication. For years, production was difficult for individuals because of the high costs of equipment and inaccessible means of broadcasting. Today, we may produce movies and documentaries with camcorders and a computer then broadcast it on the internet.

Co-op Collective Vision provides multi-media education programs to empower individuals with the knowledge of production, and internet broadcasting. These programs are described as multi-media because we offer many different media related programs from digital photography to graphic art, website design and video production. We offer these programs through various community outlets like schools, libraries, and church basements. We also provide multi-media services at affordable rates.

Co-op Collective Vision is an incorporated workers co-op. The members of the co-op include those employed by the co-op. Executive decisions are made collectively by all workers who are members. For a worker to become a member, they must be employed by the co-op for six months, and be voted in by the members.

Co-op Collective Vision is associated with the Atwater Library Digital Literacy Project, WORD, Project Media, AMEQ, CSBN, CUTV, Optative Theatrical Laboratories, The Infringement Festival, The Segal Center, Project M and Cinema Politica. If any individual or community group wish to get involved with our co-op, as a worker, member or partner, please contact us with a proposal.

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 2000-105 Northcliffee Avenue, Montreal, Quebec H4A 3K5 

 Telephone: 514-998-5889



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  • Youth in general, but target lower socioeconomic youth. It offers high school, elementary and pre-school media workshops. Additionally, the organization runs a summer media day camp for youth (6-14 years old). 
  • Include information regarding: Age, Socioeconomic status, ethnicity,… etc.)

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  • Established: 1998

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