Project 10

Summary of organization/program

Project 10 works to promote the personal, social, sexual and mental well being of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, two-spirit, intersexed and questioning youth and adults 14-25.

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 2075 rue Plessis, #307, Montreal, QC H2L 2Y4


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youth aged 14-25 years old

History/Background Information

Established: 1991

Dominant Media Forms

video production

fine arts


Through advocacy and education, using a harm reduction approach, Project 10 aims to facilitate the empowerment of youth at individual, community, and institutional levels with a particular emphasis on supporting individuals and groups who experience multiple and intersecting oppressions.

Statement of Principles


We provide educational workshops for youths; teachers; and health and social service workers who interact with youth of diverse sexual and/or gender identities. We tailor the workshop to the recipients’ needs, but tend to focus on activities that aim to share information and resources, correct myths and invite discussion and questions about sexual orientation and gender identity. We also staff kiosks in schools and at community events in order to increase our visibility and to share information. 

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