Le Centre Lajeunesse

Summary of organization/program

Centre Lajeunesse is a Community Recreation Center which provides citizens of Villeray district and elsewhere a place of recreation, personal development, community education and assembly.

Contact information


 7378 Lajeunesse Street, Suite 111, Montreal (Quebec), Canada H2R 2H8

 Telephone: 514 278-2654 / Fax: 514 278-0106


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Youth aged 13-17 years old

History/Background Information

In 1989, the City of Montreal signed an agreement with the Community Recreation Centre Lajeunesse for building maintenance and management of it.

A dozen nonprofit organizations have their offices at the Centre Lajeunesse and to carry out their daily activities. The Centre also works with over 250 organizations in their external renting meeting rooms and gathering spaces of practice, conference rooms, etc..

The partnership

In 1996, a new partnership established with the City of Montreal for the management of Club holiday Lajeunesse. In the winter of 1997, the City of Montreal and the Centre Lajeunesse also sign a new partnership for the management of recreational activities.

These new agreements have increased significantly the number of youth enrolled in the Club vacation each year and also helped promote participation in leisure activities.

Since 2003, the Community Recreation Centre Lajeunesse holds an additional holiday club in the St. Gregory the Great and also offers various leisure activities for children at this location.


Centre Lajeunesse, through its executive director, a member of the Coalition for Development Villeray. Centre Lajeunesse is a member of the Quebec Federation of Community Recreation (FQCCL) and the regional unit recreation and sport (URLs) of Montreal (Sport and Leisure on the island of Montreal, SLIM). In addition, the Centre Lajeunesse was actively involved in the publication of resource directory of Villeray.

Centre Lajeunesse is also involved, through the responsible recreational activities to Tables (Youth, Childhood family) and the Council for establishing schools St. Cecilia and St. Gregory the Great. The Youth Coordinator also serves on the Tables of the neighbourhood.

Established: 1989

Dominant Media Forms

fine arts


Centre Lajeunesse also seeks to encourage citizen participation and volunteerism and social development. 

Statement of Principles

Create a living environment by providing all citizens and citizens of Villeray leisure activities accessible, innovative, focused on personal development and fostering synergy between residents and partners agencies.


In a welcoming environment, the Centre Lajeunesse offers various services and various activities and quality including many leisure activities for both children and adults and families. In fact, many sports, arts and cultural activities are offered at low cost in the fall, winter and spring. Centre Lajeunesse also organizes a day camp for children ages 5 to 12 each summer with exciting and educational trips.

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