Centre des Jeunes Saint-Sulpice

Summary of organization/program

The Youth Centre Saint-Sulpice (CJSS) is a community non-profit that works with youth and families of diverse cultural communities residing mostly in low-income housing (HLM) of Saint-Sulpice, André Grasset and Meunier-Tolhurst located in the borough of Ahuntsic in Montreal.

Contact information


 9455 Olivier-Maurault #1, Montréal, Quebec, H2M 1Z5

 Telephone: 514-383-0282

Geographic region

local (Ahuntsic borough)


low-income housing (HLM) of Saint-Sulpice, André Grasset and Meunier-Tolhurst located in the borough of Ahuntsic in Montreal

History/Background Information

Established: 1991

Following the pressing needs of the environment, it was in 1986 that women volunteers involved in the committee of public housing tenants St Sulpice, began to organize activities for young people.

The CJSS will officially founded in May 1991 through a collaboration of organizations (Committee to assist public housing tenants of St-Sulpice, Leisure Services City of Montreal Municipal Housing Bureau in Montreal, CSSMM, Recreation Committee St-Isaac-Jogues). It has since evolved to become the first community organization of youth in public housing intervention of Saint-Sulpice, André Grasset and Meunier-Tolhurst.

  • Established: 1991

Dominant Media Forms



The CJSS’s mission is to contribute, through its achievements and its activities, the development of young people and their families, their positive integration into the community as well as learning in relationships and the improvement and promotion of harmonious intercultural relations.

  • empower young people by providing effective means to enable them to take their place in the community and make life choices.
  • Enhance autonomy by supporting various youth projects.
  • Promote youth involvement in the community.
  • Encourage young talents.

Statement of Principles

  • Response and prevention of social problems: crime, violence, drugs, poverty, isolation, racism, behavioral problems 
  • School-based intervention
  • Rights advocacy
  • Employability


The CJSS offers regular activities sports, educational and socio-cultural: tutoring, basketball, soccer, support employability, kitchen, computers, night guys, girls night, dance workshop, youth committee, etc.. During the summer holidays and during spring break in March are offered day camps.

Samples of work

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