The Connection

Summary of organization/program

The Connection Church runs a program that hopes to touch the world through film. Their program actively engages youth within the production process.

Contact information


 22722 Dewdney Trunk Road, Maple Ridge, Canada

 (604) 477-7788


Geographic region

  • Set Locally but with a global audience


  • Youth ages 8-16

History/Background Information

  • Since: 2006
  • Umbrella Organization: Their production program runs under The Connection church. They are not independent groups, but rather a program they run.
  • Program began in 2006 and has completed 9 sessions.

Dominant Media Forms

video production


Their vision is to impact your family, effect our community,and touch the world. Part of The Connection’s core model is to touch the world, and what better way to do that than through the production of a feature-length film which will be seen by millions all around the globe? The Connection hopes to one day play a part in the redemption of the media by producing high quality, family friendly, and God-honoring films which will be of high enough quality in production, acting, and story to actually compete with big-name Hollywood movies.

Statement of Principles

not provided


  • Church wants to get involved with the youth and engage them with relevant issues  and make them active participants. Key to not preach/convert but keeping youth in their element. Opening up dialogue and developing an understanding to issues is imperative.
  •  In the past 3 years we have held over 10 media and film making camps. Some involved going away for an entire week. The 200 or so teens who attended these camps were able to write, produce and shoot their own short movie.These camps offer teens an opportunity to learn the basics of film-making in a faith-friendly environment. Although the focus is film, not structured Christian teaching, the students still hear about The Connection, hear the instructor’s faith story, and the films they make are always faith-friendly and family-friendly.

Samples of work

  • Production of a full-feature film:
  • The Scarf is a family-friendly entertaining feature-length film produced by The Connection.

Funding Sources

$125 per student. (No government funding or corporate sponsors).