Summary of organization/program

RedwayBC harnesses Technology to Honour, Inform & Connect Urban Aboriginal Youth to Services, Opportunities, the Community & Each Other. They run a website for urban aboriginal youth and distributes a free electronic magazine biweekly.

Contact information


 5831 Easterbrook Road, Richmond, BC V7C 2G8



Geographic region

  • Local but runs a website and electronic magazine that is able to reach a global audience


  • Aboriginal Youth

History/Background Information

  • Umbrella Organization: Spiritlink Communications
  • RedWAY BC News is a free monthly on-line newspaper called an electronic magazine, or e-zine.

    It has been published since 2003 by Spiritlink Communications with the intent to honour, inform and connect its readers.

Dominant Media Forms

video production

literary production

web production


  • Our mission is to develop relationships based in respect and recognition and to celebrate the diversity of cultures, talents and strengths of Aboriginal people.

Statement of Principles

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About the Aboriginal Youth Media (AYM) Team project

  • The AYM Team project provides eleven (11) Aboriginal Youth with an opportunity to gain 21st Century literacy skills. We’re setting up an “earn and learn” experience which is like a cooperative education program. Youth will receive guidance, training and access to computers to enhance a broad range of academic, employment, and personal literacy skills. They can earn a small training wage, get to attend events and conferences, and earn and industry-recognized training certificates such as:
    • Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC3) for digital literacy skills (3 courses);
      • Aboriginal BEST (Business and Entrepreneurship Skills) Training Program with personal coaching;
      • Indigenous Corporate Training’s “Working Effectively with Aboriginal People” cultural awareness training;
      • Financial Literacy Skills training (for Youth and non-profit financial management) from Vancity;
      • Skillz for Sales Success certification – Spiritlink Communications (Canadian Professional Sales Association).
  • AYM Team ‘earn and learn’ classes will take place at the Knowledgeable Aboriginal Youth Association (KAYA) 5 days a week. It’ll probably run for 7 weeks but we’re also looking for partners to extend the funding and learning opportunities.
  • In addition to getting the free courses and healthy lunches each day, Youth can earn a training wage of $100 a week if they create weekly ‘media assignments’ where they share what they learned. These include writing blogs, publishing articles, creating and uploading videos, or recording podcasts from facilitators and resources. These new ‘tutorials and testimonials’ will be distributed by our own marketing materials (websites, blogs, social networking sites, RedWAY BC News) and sent to media and project partners) in the hopes that together, we’ll create culturally-relevant learning tools that will benefit the whole community. Check out AYM Team videos created by Youth at

Samples of work

Funding Sources

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