Summary of organization/program

Kaleidoscope is a 16-week file production program where you learn the skills to make films. Within this program, you will learn skills needed for employment while earning an hourly wage.

Contact information


 #230-3631 No. 3 RoadRichmond, BC

 (604) 294-5011 


Geographic region

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To participate in Kaleidoscope, youth must be:

– out of school (preference given to non-high school completers)
– unemployed or underemployed
– NOT in receipt of Employment Insurance (EI) Benefits
– Eligible to work in Canada
– Ages of 15-30
Also important:
  • a personal history that has created barriers to employment
  • a record of good attendance, positive motivation and free from substance abuse
  • a standard of physical health and stamina suitable for the project activities (carrying cameras and related equipment)
  • references from a community-based program or agency indicating the applicant has an interest in the creative process of film-making and is ready to commit to the project
  • a desire to find a connection to the world of work

History/Background Information

  • Kaleidoscope is part of “The City of Vancouver ‘s Youth Outreach Team”. They are youth and youth-friendly allies, who were hired by the City, to make sure youth who live, work and play in Vancouver are involved in the City – including the City’s decision-making processes.
  • Kaleidoscope is a small film production company with 12 youth participants, 3 facilitators, a videographer and several other consultants.
    It is a 16 week film production program where you become part of a small film production company. During the initial weeks of the project most of the emphasis is on learning the skills needed to make a small film. Once the basics are in place, they create short films developed and produced in-house by the Kaleidoscope team. They create a setting in which the kinds of skills needed for employment are modeled and taught.

Dominant Media Forms

video production


Develop leadership and workplace essential skills
The essential skills employers are looking for regardless of your position on the corporate ladder
Develop a greater understanding of community and your place in it
Produce a video around issues or community services of interest to your small team 
Get valuable work experience
Work placement with a local employer is added to your experience on the Kaleidoscope production team. Seven weeks with an employer to help you get that necessary experience 
Earn $8.00 per hr.
You earn $8.00 per hour for 7 weeks of the program


Statement of Principles

not provided 


All the basics, including concepts, tools and techniques essential to get started in video production without prior knowledge or experience.


Samples of work

Click here for Samples of projects. 


Funding Sources

The Government of Canada has contributed funding to this initiative