Peace it Together

Summary of organization/program

Empowering youth to build peace through dialogue and filmmaking.

Contact information


 #150-425 Carrall Street, Vancouver, BC  V6B 6E3

 (604) 568-1413


Geographic region

  • Takes place locally, impact can be global (Canada and The Middle East).


  • Palestinian, Israeli and Canadian youths ages 19-27 (young adults, mostly in their 20s).

History/Background Information

  • Since: 2004
  • Selected participants from Canada and the Middle East dialogue intensely together in a three-week summer camp program. They then work in teams (each consisting of one Canadian, one Israeli and one Palestinian) to create unique, inspiring and educational short films on the Israeli- Palestinian conflict. These youth are then supported as they screen their films in their own communities to diverse audiences, and facilitate conversations and interactive workshops. These screening workshops explore a wide variety of topics, from specific issues related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, to discussions of collaborative filmmaking and art practice as a tool for dialogue and peace-building. Dialogue and filmmaking programs have been held in 2006, 2008 and 2011. Peace it Together is a non-political and secular organization that brings together a myriad of multicultural individuals all with a common goal of promoting peace amongst groups in conflict..

Dominant Media Forms

video production

web production


  • Empowering youth to promote peace through dialogue and filmmaking.
  • Helping to foster creative and innovative youth leaders that will inspire and educate other youth on the Israeli- Palestinian conflict
  • Teaching youth practical conflict resolution skills to work towards peace;
  • Building a culture of creative leaders inspiring and educating others to work toward peace.
  • Shifting groups’ negative attitude toward the other, promoting dialogue and empowering youth to take action to change the status quo.
  • Creating innovative tools for teachers and youth to educate others in classroom settings and beyond.

Statement of Principles

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  • Our programs are designed specifically to overcome these hurdles, while at the same time giving youth educational tools to disseminate to wider audiences, and facilitating their transition to community leaders
  • Peace it Together is a year-long curriculum for Palestinian, Israeli, and Canadian youth that begins with an intensive residential program on Canada’s West Coast. In and around Vancouver, Canada we teach creative and practical conflict resolution skills to youth as they work in teams to create short films related to the conflict.We then work with the youth over the course of the year to become leaders in their communities, and use the films they created as educational tools in the conflict region and around the world.They also create an educational package targeted for high schools and post-secondary institutions outside Israel and Palestine.
  • This education consists of:
    • Project-based learning and working in a team environment to create a finished product
    • Creativity and transformation
    • Taking ACTION by providing support and working directly with the youth to assist them in achieving full potential to be strong leaders in their communities
    • Regional coordinator will support the youth following the completion of the summer program to expand their media oriented abilities and screen their films within their communities.

Samples of work

Funding Sources

Peace it Together is funded by government grants, private foundations, and individual donors.