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The Digital Media Academy (DMA) is a nationally-recognized organization offering hands-on learning experiences in a broad range of digital media technologies. DMA offers summer camps for kids and teens and Pro-Series courses for adult-learners.

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 **Based on California but runs camps at UBC and at other institutions**
1925 Winchester Blvd., Ste. 109 Campbell, CA 95008



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  • International


  • Ages 6-17

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  • Since: 2001
  • Founded in 2001 by a group from Stanford University, DMA is best known for its premier summer programs hosted atprestigious destination campuses, such as Stanford University, Harvard University and the University of Texas. In addition to its summer programs, DMA provides on-site training to schools and companies and offers workshops throughout the year at its training facility in Campbell, California.DMA’s teen and adult courses are accredited by Stanford University Continuing Studies and offered for optional Stanford Continuing Studies credit. Instructors include nationally-known industry experts, master teachers and award-winning creative professionals.
  • Your child or teen will love the Digital Media Academy camps at UBC in Vancouver, Canada, where they can combine summer fun with cool topics such as game design, digital filmmaking, animation, and game modding. There are so many options available at our British Columbia camps that kids aged 6 to 18 are bound to find their ideal summer camp that will keep them entertained while learning new computer skills. Whether they attend the day camp or stay overnight, University of British Columbia (UBC) provides an exciting taste of college life in a safe and supportive environment. Kids and teens will learn how to make their own film, game, or digital art at summer camp with enthusiastic, energetic staff, while also making new friends with other campers through fun activities

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The Digital Media Academy was founded with the idea of providing the best possible training and making it accessible to all motivated learners, regardless of financial means. What inspires me is building an organization that makes a difference in people’s lives, young and old.

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  • Summer workshops for youth
  • Programs run from 1 – 2 weeks
  • Kids learn best by doing. By weaving up-front instruction and demonstration with hands-on learning, Digital Media Adventures summer computer and technology camp gives your child the tools to create a unique, personal project. From beginner to advanced and everything in between, there’s a place at Digital Media Adventures for your child. Beginners won’t get lost. The advanced won’t be bored. Your child will come home with a project as unique as he or she is — and the confidence to effectively apply his or her new skills. Digital Media Adventures is The Summer Computer Camp for Kids.

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