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Out On Screen is an arts organization that delivers the Out in Schools program. Out in Schools wants to fight stereotypes, homophobia and bullying by showcasing short films on the queer lifestyle to educate and facilitate discussion on these issues.

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 207 West Hastings St, Vancouver, BC, CANADA V6B 1H7

 (604) 844-1615 

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  • Out in Schools embraces youths of diverse communities, eliminating any boundaries of sexuality, ability, ethnicity, race, and class. The program typically targets high school students ages 13-18.

History/Background Information

  • Since: 2004
  • Umbrella Organization: Yes (Out on Screen)
  • Out in Schools began as a pilot project in 2004 presented by the Out On Screen Film + Video Society. Since our inception we have seen an increase in support and interest in our program and have developed strong connections with local Gay Straight Alliances, educators and the Vancouver School Board. We have collaborated with a variety of arts festivals and outreach and social groups.The future of Out in Schools is shaped by the feedback we receive from students which has been overwhelmingly supportive for both the films and the facilitation discussion afterwards. From the early days of working with GSAs we have grown to incorporate presentations to entire Planning 10 classes and auditorium presentations. We feel our success is largely due to providing students with positive gay role models and our commitment to education.

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We aim to increase understanding through education to combat the issues threatening the safety of our classrooms for all students.

Statement of Principles

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  • Out in Schools puts on presentations to any high school in the lower mainland for a fee.
  • By bringing queer films to local high schools to facilitate discussion with youth on bullying, homophobia and stereotypes, we give youth a safe space to explore these issues.
  • Present queer short films to students and use them to incorporate discussion on bullying, homophobia and stereotypes within a classroom environment
  • Provide a safe and comfortable environment for youth to explore these issues
  • Reduce isolation of queer youths and educate all students on the issues surrounding the queer lifestyle
  • Provides positive queer role models that promote a deeper understanding about queer issues through education to offer a safe environment that embraces diversity
  • Outline strategies for responding to bullying, discrimination, harassment, and intimidation.
  • Encourages youth to participate in developing new independent films that speak to queer themes and issues
  • They also hold a youth-targeted NO HATE filmmaking bootcamp every year. The films created this year were screened at the Vancouver Queer Film Festival and the Festival Youth Gala & Party. Their films tackled issues of identity, labels, negative stereotypes, fantasy, and acceptance.

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