Miscellaneous Productions




Summary of organization/program

  • MISCELLANEOUS Productions pioneers new frontiers in performance, art and new media and merges them with community development and popular culture.
  • We are based in Vancouver, BC and collaborate with at-risk, high risk and mainstream youth, adults and elders to make performances, videos, publications and visual art for the public.
  • Our goal is to make art accessible for both audience and community participant.

Contact information


 Suite 309, 1016 E. 8th Ave., Vancouver, BC, Canada V5T 1T9

 (604) 873-6522


Geographic region

  • Local


  • Youth 14 – (approx 27)

History/Background Information

  • Since: 2000

Dominant Media Forms

video production


live performance

web production


  • To explore interdisciplinary art and new artistic practices with artists and allies in the Lower Mainland of BC, as well as in other urban, suburban and rural contexts
  • To make art that deals with current, relevant and engaging issues
  • To pioneer innovative approaches to performance art, new media, video, film, new media, political art, solo works, public/community art as well as collective art events
  •  To educate diverse people about new and emerging approaches to art and the creative process, and to facilitate access to those innovative art forms
  • To investigate and push aesthetic boundaries employing and melding various mediums including but not limited to performance, new technologies, visual and time-based art, public art and community art
  • Our goal is to make art accessible to both the audience and the participant

Statement of Principles

not provided 


  • Creating theatre productions/musicals
  • providing forums for youth to speak on pressing current issues
  • providing spaces for youth to show their works
  • Working with youth on issues based projects

Samples of work

  • POWER: interactive performances by culturally diverse youth in collaboration with professional artists. This event is put on regularly.
  • e – r a c e is an award winning interdisciplinary, hip hop musical performance and DVD adaptation of that live performance exploring young people’s obsession with “speed” including fast cars, street racing, amphetamine based drugs, gang involvement and early sexual activity. e – r a c ealso examines how the mass media represents these cases in newscasts, Hollywood movies, hip hop music and the detritus of pop culture. The performance is strongly anti-racist, pro-diversity and anti-violence. We began developing this project in January 2001 and have directly collaborated with at-risk and mainstream youth and their supporters in the community on this project since April 2004. The DVD adaptation is being distributed by Moving Images Distribution. For a copy, please visit movingimages.bc.ca.
  • Stock Characters: The Cooking Show

    Using results that came out of our March 5, 2005 What Are You Passionate About? workshop with twelve young people from East Vancouver aged 14 – 18 years old, MISCELLANEOUS Productions’ Artistic Director, Elaine Carol has developed a collaborative performance and video project for the youth of East Vancouver entitled Stock Characters: The Cooking Show.

  • Based on themes of stereotyping, poverty, racism, violence, peer pressure, substance abuse, family, the politics of food and pleasures of cooking, MISCELLANEOUS Productions has created an ensemble performance with music, dance and video featuring diverse, at-risk and high risk Eastside youth aged 15 – 26 years old that will have its World Premiere at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre on November 9, 2007 and run for two performances until November 10.

Funding Sources