Point Youth Media

Summary of organization/program

Point Youth Media (PYM) is a youth run and led grassroots organization determined to make a difference in the way youth are viewed in both the local and global community through the use of art.

Contact information


 #176 – 2416 Main Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, V5T 3E2


Geographic region

  • Local, National, Global


  • We are looking for these dynamic volunteers to help in all aspects of the organization who are interested in doing grassroots work with youth in the local, national and international community. Volunteers should have the following qualifications:
    • Youth between the ages of 19 – 24
    • Interested in all forms of creative media and are willing to learn more
    • Socially aware and community conscious
    • Able to commit to 6 hours a month
    • Interested in gaining a more global perspective
    • Willing to travel
    • Ability to concept build and create projects
    • Team Player
  • They bring these volunteers to other places in the world such as Africa to empower youth there. 

History/Background Information

  • Since: 1998
  • Point Youth Media was founded in May 2008 that started out by two sisters who share a passion for social justice issues and promoting the vital importance of involving youth in all levels of community.Point Youth Media has recently just completed one of their first projects: 20 Days Behind the Eyes of 20 Ugandan Youth which involved having racialized youth engage to create sustainable projects within their communities using youth friendly arts based resources.  This project falls under the Globart: Global Youth Art Initiative which began in September 2008 and grew from a desire to connect youth displaced from their land of origin.

Dominant Media Forms

video production


  • Point Youth Media’s objectives is to use media art to empower and engage youth with an emphasis on racialized youth.  Through implementation of programs run my youths and volunteers, Point Youth Media will break normalized and institutionalized barriers by having racialized youth at the forefront of organizations, as well as in the media world.
  • our mandate is to use the media arts to empower and engage youth with focus on youth facing systemic barriers.

  • Point Youth Media believes:

    • in promoting the positive work done by local organizations by working in partnership with organizations that operate out of our host regions
    • that partnerships between organizations fosters and challenges the people within them to reach out to more youth and continually cultivate greater ideas
    • in the power of youth engaging youth
    • in connecting youth globally though the use of media arts; photography, film, 2D art, dance, music and multimedia

Statement of Principles

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  • Offer media arts workshops to places in Africa where they would have very little access to these resources.

Samples of work

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Funding Sources

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