Redwire Native Youth Media Society

Summary of organization/program

This group began as Redwire Magazine; then incorporated as Redwire Native Youth Media Society in 2002. They are a collective of Native youth creating uncensored spaces for youth to find their own voice.

Contact information



 PO Box 2042, Station Main Terminal, Vancouver, BC, V6B 3R6


Geographic region

  • Although the organization is based in the Coast Salish Territory of Vancouver, British Columbia, it is globally available to all Native youth through its website:


  • Although specifically geared toward Native youths (14-21), the society is not limited to this age bracket.

History/Background Information

  • Since: 2002
  • Redwire Native Youth Media Society is a non-profit media and arts organization and the first-ever Native youth run magazine dedicated solely to the Native youth expression in Canada.  In particular, the society focuses in promoting an uncensored forum of discussion through its magazine publication, Redwire Magazine.  Since April 1997, the quarterly magazine was both distributed and made available online and helps provide Native youths with the ability to find their own voice through poetry, criticisms, personal stories and artwork. Redwire had at a point, distributed 11,000 copies across Canada, four times a year.  

Dominant Media Forms

video production

music production

live performance

web production


  • Our goals are to:
    – offer opportunities for youth to learn practical skills in media
    – facilitate community access to film, print, radio, podcasting, websites and performance
    – create space for Native youth to educate each other on the issues facing their communities
    – support and promote Native youth artists, writers, activists, performers and musicians
    – encourage creativity and critical perspectives

Statement of Principles

not provided 


We are currently focusing on creating online resources through this website. We are offering workshops to youth interested in podcasting film and radio. We are no longer publishing Redwire Magazine in the same capacity, but are interested in collaborating on smaller print projects targeted to those with limited or no access to the internet such as youth in prison and those living in rural areas. Please check out the media section of this site for the upcoming pilots of Redwire TV.

Samples of work

Funding Sources

  • Van City, 
  • Honor the Earth Grant, 
  • Youth Employment Strategies Canada/Human Resources Development Canada, 
  • Canada Council for the Arts, 
  • First People’s Cultural Foundation and The Department of Canadian Heritage under the Urban Multipurpose Aboriginal Youth Centres Initiative
  • Heath Canada
  • Donations
  • Youth Services Canada (HRDC)