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The Success Power Opportunity Teamwork (S.P.O.T.) is a youth-led initiative located in the Malvern community, funded by the Youth Challenge Fund and the City of Toronto. A collaborative and coordinated response to the community’s development, The S.P.O.T. is governed by a board of directors made up of youth and volunteer board members, who are supported by organizational allies from local grassroots initiatives and well established institutions in the community.

Serving young people between the ages of 14-24, upon its’ completion, the $2.25 million, 3,770 square foot youth centre will boast a fully equipped performance space, recording studio, program space and youth lounge.

Located within the S.P.O.T. space is a ProTech Media Centre.

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History/Background Information

In January 2008, Malvern youth were consulted about locating a 2,000 square foot ProTech Media Centre within their community. Youth supported the concept and identified the Malvern Community Recreation Centre and Library complex as the ideal location; however, neither the Community Centre nor the Library was able to accommodate the media centre in its existing space. Through ongoing outreach and a needs assessment, it was identified that a youth designated and youth- governed space was missing in Malvern. In response to this issue, and many others, the City of Toronto, in collaboration with the Malvern Branch of the Toronto Public Libraries, Youth Challenge Fund and youth residents, proposed building the youth space now known as The S.P.O.T.

Two youth assistants and six youth facilitators were hired through in-kind funds from TAIBU Community Health Centre, Helping Out Others Develop Life in Neighbouring Communities (Hoodlinc), and the City of Toronto. They conducted broad-based youth consultations, outreach and hosted and facilitated community speak-outs and presentations.

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To create a space in the Malvern community where young people — especially those who are criminalized, racialized, and marginalized — can develop their creative voice through arts-based programming while developing skills for long-term individual and community success.

Statement of Principles

Integrity: Upholding the moral fiber embedded within the mission statement, as well as consistently working towards achieving The S.P.O.T.’s vision.

Shared learning: Not exploiting, but rather valuing, the lived experiences of youth and allies alike; while endeavouring to create authentic opportunities for transfer of knowledge: youth to ally and ally to youth.

Collaborative partnerships: Moving past convenience, and committed to creating innovative opportunities for collaborations and partnerships that go beyond surface; while collectively providing meaningful engagement opportunities and support for youth.


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