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The NFB is proud to offer an extensive range of hands-on workshops for children, youth and educators. Integrating principles of media literacy and hands-on media production activities, our workshops serve as an inspiring and engaging educational outing for students of all ages. We have welcomed over 1 million children, youth and educators to our programs over the years and we are looking forward to welcoming you and your students.

Our workshops are offered at our Montreal and Toronto offices and include hands-on introductions to animation, documentary, and digital storytelling.Led by a team of NFB education specialists, these workshops offer content-rich activities that promote collaboration, creative thinking, communication, and reflecting on current social issues. All workshops are consistent with competencies as laid out in the Quebec and Ontario curriculum.

The NFB also offers professional development workshops for teachers educators of all levels, in order to assist them in integrating media analysis and media production into their classes as well as how to maximize NFB educational resources.

All activities are offered in both English and French.

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History/Background Information

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Our mission is to make these films accessible to all Canadians. 


Statement of Principles

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Student Workshops:

During these workshops, students are introduced to basic theory (research, scriptwriting, interviewing techniques, camera handling, basic editing, etc). They then move on to practical instruction, creating their own animated film, digital story, or filmed interview.

  • Target age: Elementary, secondary, or college students.
  • Length of sessions: Two and a half hours (half day) or five hours (full day).
  • Maximum capacity: Up to 60 participants at any one time.

Educator Workshops:

In these workshops, education specialists guide teachers through the use of NFB productions in the classroom, offering practical advice on selecting films that enrich their classroom programs, and on creating personal thematic reading lists. Participants also learn how to get the most out of NFB resources, which include lesson plans, teachers’ guides, and more. Educator workshops can be customized to meet the needs of your group, please send us a message to learn about how we can create the best possible workshop for you and your colleagues.

  • Length of sessions: two and a half hours (half day) or five hours (full day).
  • Maximum Capacity: Up to 60 participants at any one time.

Samples of work

Click here to access sample of projects from the student workshops.

Click here to access sample of projects from the educator workshops.



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