Expect Theatre (Urban Noise)

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Expect Theatre is a registered charity that was formed in 1996 by Laura Mullin and Chris Tolley to create shows and programs that explore modern urban life using multi-arts including: site-specific theatre, video, dance, and music.

Expect Theatre’s theatrical and interactive environmental installations have engaged thousands of audiences and garnered both critical acclaim and national media attention. The company’s cutting edge work, such as the critically acclaimed show AWAKE, and the five time Dora nominated production Romeo and Juliet Remixed, have been described by reviewers and audiences as innovative and bold.

The company also runs cutting-edge youth and community engagement programs such as the annual urbanNOISE Festival, and the new BEATS AND INTENTIONS project.

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 15 Case Goods Lane , Studio 208 Toronto, ON, M5A 3C4

  (416 ) 960-2202 



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For almost a decade, Spark has produced ground-breaking and award winning shows and programming that has captured the attention of a wide variety of audiences. Since its inception in 2001, Spark’s progressive multi-media, video, and live performances have reached over a million people across Canada and the US.


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EXPECT is a contemporary performance art company that produces cutting edge productions that explore modern urban life.

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