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Jane-Finch.com is a community broadcaster, digital library, and the first website about Toronto’s Jane-Finch community.

Jane-Finch.com was founded by award-winning activist and journalist, Paul Nguyen. The website officially launched on March 13, 2004.
Jane-Finch.com empowers the community by giving local residents a voice to be heard. We are a united virtual community centre of expression, concern and inspiration. Our goal is to create a better understanding and appreciation of the Jane-Finch community by sharing its cultural and historical beauty.
Jane-Finch is a community north of Toronto. The area is named after the intersection of Jane Street and Finch Avenue. Jane-Finch is internationally known for its ethnically diverse population, crime rate and poverty. The community’s socio-economic status is attributed to inadequate urban planning and social infrastructure. Today, residents continue to fight hard to improve life in the community.

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 3975 Jane Street, Toronto, Ontario M3N 3A3

 (647) 867-5359 (Chris Williams)


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