GTA Photography Classes

Summary of organization/program

GTA Photography is an organization that runs regular photography classes which are open to the public. They believe in hands-on and practical workshops that not only teach, but also engage. Along with regular classes, they also run teen photography camps.

Contact information


 47 Colborne St. #306, Toronto, ON M5E 1E3, Canada

 (416) 546-9089


Geographic region

  • Local 


  • Anyone who signs up for photography classes. They also host teen camps which are age specific (ages not listed)

History/Background Information

  • Established: 1997
  • Gta Photography was founded in 1997 when a couple friends asked us, “Do you teach classes?”. “Of Course,” we quickly replied. An intro class was developed over the next month and tailored in a private lesson with just 2 students. They found a new love for photography and we found a new passion for teaching! Over the next two years, the same course was tweaked, revised, and tweaked once more, and it has now become the famous PHOTO 101. 

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  • We specialize in making our photography classes as interactive as possible.

Statement of Principles

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  • We ensure limited class sizes 
  • we set up our studio as a living room style and we let you kick back while we do the rest
  • we focus on building a community with our students and keeping them within the field, even when classes are over. We do this through photography contests, social gatherings, semi-annual exhibits and online forums. 

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